About Us

AIEFA – An elite team of best brains from across the nation, all accredited under a single Brand name. AIEFA is created by the faculties of different background, who can be very well classified as man on a mission and that MISSION is, “To teach students learn, how to learn.”
Right from the beginning a child is considered as students, but our society has long forgotten the very essence of teaching and learning. The very essence of education the why “BHARATVARSHA” was considered a “VISWAGURU”; not only because of our knowledge but imagination: eagerness to learn and explore the very real meanings of science itself. Gone are the days of “GURUKUL” when students are like children’s of their masters. That principle produced quality leaders like CHANAKYA, CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA, VIKRAMADITYA and the countless others who showed the world the difference between education and simply literate. The present day scenario need the golden days of education in INDIA to be rejuvenated, if INDIA is to be lead the world again.

That thought is the whole soul of AIEFA. We do not want to create merely toppers, but we are moulding world class leaders, who in the very near future shall saw the seeds of our dream of making INDIA“VISWAGURU” again, who with their skills,knowledge, imagination, perseverance value and ethics shall become the pioneer of new innovations, inventions and cutting edge technology. The entire team is like different bodies possessed by a single soul, working day and night, to raise the bars of quality education.

“WINDS OF CHANGE” finally blowing. Come and be a part of new revolution in the field of technical education. This is the reason why you should join AIEFA.